WHMCS Order Form Template v2.0.0 One Page Order Form Here

WHMCS One Step Payment Application Form Free Download

Create a professional looking checkout form for your WHMCS store with this template. One Step Checkout Request Form is the most powerful WHMCS request form template available on the WHMCS Marketplace. It automatically skips the default 6-step checkout procedure for WHMCS to just one step.

Download WHMCS Order Form Template One Page Order OfCrack

To make it easier to update and maintain order form template customizations, order form templates works awesome in most of the popular his allows the order form to of crack template files from another directory. It will eliminate the need to create a custom version of all template files. Create only the pages that need customization. The remaining application form templates will be loaded from the main application form when selected.

By taking advantage of this functionality, the developer can create simple and easy to maintain order form templates. When updating, the system updates any changes to the application form template files that have not been customized.

Key Features of One-Step Payment:

  •  Increase your WHMCS store checkout by 2X
  •  Setting up payment gateways in the country
  •  Configure Payment Gateway Icons from WHMCS Admin
  •  Built-in GeoIP Currency Changer
  •  Mini trolley for mobile devices
  •  Detailed summary of the order
  •  Informative selection of products
  •  Supports WHMCS quantity options
  •  Works well with configurable options
  •  Support multiple languages
  •  Fully Ajax-based

Test Application Form Templates:

  • WHMCS allows you to preview application form templates before publishing them.
  • This is done using? cart tp=xxxx URL parameter.

Activate application form templates:

  • You can configure the order form form for specific product groups in Settings > System Settings > Products/Services.

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